How to promote drainage in double 11 promotion

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Double 11 year after year, this year is destined to be different. Affected by the epidemic in the first half of the year, supermarkets, shopping malls and other offline stores were impacted, and people's consumption scenes accelerated to online transfer. Consumers changed from "picking and choosing" in physical stores to "drawing points" on mobile phones point ".

For the major brands, this year's "double 11" competition is particularly fierce! How can we stand out from the "double 11" marketing war? What good marketing cases can be used for reference? Quietly tell you, double 11 wonderful marketing case, special praise product

Not too much! Brand crossover, Guochao power, cultural renaissance, current hot spots, offline linkage, KOL matrix, quadratic dimension Endless creativity, novel and interesting playing methods, high conversion of content marketing, praise all in one.

Let's share with you some amazing marketing cases on the special praise platform. Double 11 is especially applicable.

1. "Brand crossover" marketing case

Interesting cross-border deities can easily attract consumers' attention. In terms of playing method, multiple brands achieve the marketing effect of "1 + 1 > 2" through joint activities. For example, customized products and joint flash stores are common ways to play cross-border brands.

2. Marketing case of "Guochao power"

In recent years, "national trend" has gradually become a symbol of personality and fashion. Young people have a stronger sense of identity and pride towards traditional culture and domestic products. Marketing activities labeled with domestic products can often gain consumers' spiritual identity.

3. Marketing case of "cultural renaissance"

The proper use of Chinese traditional culture can greatly improve the brand tone and gain the exposure and attention of the ideal; or the use of western classic paintings is also not bad material.

4. "Double micro" marketing case

Seizing the position of double micro public opinion can bring more flow to the brand.

Summarize the common microblog playing methods: interactive topics, UGC output, KOL matrix, star linkage, lottery;

Wechat play: H5, long text.

5. "Short video" marketing case and "dynamic POSTER" marketing case

In the "double eleven" game, how can brands find out how to play? How to customize the marketing link of product effect integration for your own brand? Grasp the three volumes: volume, flow and sales volume. Take advantage of the double 11 to gain a marketing victory, this year's marketing KPI has stabilized! Want to know more, please pay attention to us, double 11 sincere no routine, quality assurance, affordable price, service guarantee.

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